Social Media Made Easy and Google Hummingbird

Google HummingbirdPart of what we do here at Internet Agency is to keep on top of all the latest updates, trends and changes so that you don’t have to worry about getting your head around the ever-changing online world! In particular we keep up to date with all movements in Google to ensure that your website is always ahead of the rest when it comes to search engine optimisation. Most recently, Google has introduced an update called Hummingbird which could potentially impact on website traffic; read a little more about the latest changes below.

This month we’re also talking about social media. It’s a long-standing hot topic, so we’ll give you the lowdown on what it means for your business, do you really need it and, if so, where you should be investing your time.

Social Media – Made Easy!

FacebookTweet? Facebook? Post? Huh? Keeping up with the social media world can certainly feel a little overwhelming at times, but with over two thirds of the world’s internet population using social media sites, it’s an area of marketing that you can’t afford to ignore.

Social media allows users to share, compare, read, discuss and review information like never before, and is increasingly becoming a powerful resource for marketing, PR and communicating as people turn to social media to research products or services. In saying that, these sites are certainly not a magic bullet and should be used to complement other marketing efforts, such as newsletters, promotional material, and good ol’ face-to-face networking.

Social media is also not necessarily effective for all types of businesses, depending on who your target market is. Business-to-consumer businesses will probably find they have more success using social media sites such as Facebook than business-to-business service providers. Whereas LinkedIn can be highly effective for business-to-business companies as you are able to approach and communicate with relevant businesses and associations.

TwitterIf you’re going to participate in social media, it’s better to choose one or two sites and use them regularly and effectively, rather than trying to keep on top of multiple channels. To help you understand the different options that may work for your business, here’s some information about the most popular social media sites:

  • Google +: A relatively new player on the social network scene, Google + has grown at unbelievable speed. Features of Google + include ‘circles’, ‘hangouts’ and ‘sparks’ based around specific interests.
  • Facebook: Probably the most well-known of social networks. You can set up a business page and encourage users to ‘like’ your page, post relevant information, run competitions and share photos or product updates.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a micro-blogging site where both individuals and businesses can set up a profile and post 140-character posts. Twitter can be effective for linking to other sites such as your website, blog or microsites.
  • LinkedIn: A social network for professionals to connect with others, promote their business or services, post updates and interact in group discussions relevant to your industry or interests.
  • YouTube: YouTube is a video, video-blogging and music sharing site, ideal for posting promotional videos, demonstrations and presentations.

While social media sites are essentially free to set up and run, there is quite a time commitment in doing so. The Internet Agency offers social media set-up and management to help you create an effective online presence. So don’t get left behind! Our social media management service includes establishing a social media strategy, set up and design and on-going communication management of the page.

Hummingbird Takes Flight

Google is forever tweaking its search algorithm, however the modifications are generally too subtle to really be noteworthy. There are, however, sometimes more major architectural updates, such as the Hummingbird update, which are more significant. The Hummingbird update is a new search formula, and is aimed at giving Google’s search engine a better chance of understanding concepts instead of simply words. The change came about as Google realised users had become so reliant on Google that they were entering searches with lengthy questions, rather than subject-specific words. This modification is also more accommodating for voice-recognition technology, which saw more users submitting search requests with longer spoken sentences. What does this mean for your website? Rest easy! If we’ve been taking care of your SEO efforts then it’s likely we’re already all over it and you don’t need to make any changes! If you have high-quality, regularly updated content on your site then all that hard work is not going to be in vain and your ranking is not going to change! By focusing on good content, this update is only going to help your cause.

Internet Agency September Newsletter | Website Copywriter

Are the words on your website working hard enough?

Search engine optimisation has certainly been a hot topic for some time now, with many businesses concerned about how their website is performing in search engine rankings and the measures they can take to secure that sought-after top spot on the first page of Google search results.

Unfortunately, there are a few internet marketing businesses out there taking advantage of their clients’ concerns, charging top dollar for so-called ‘SEO services’ (you may have recently read about one such NZ-based directory company currently being investigated for fraud).

Search Engine Optimisation

The reality is, one of the best ways to climb your way to the number one position is through the inclusion of well-written, relevant and keyword-rich content on your site – better yet, it will not only strengthen your SEO efforts but will also help convert those visitors into customers through informative, authoritative and authentic content – Find out more about how our SEO services can help below.

Why Words Work

As part of our SEO development services at the Internet Agency, we offer website copy updates and content creation for blogs and newsletters. Regularly updated, unique content is super important for getting in Google’s radar. By picking up key words and phrases, Google will start to recognise your site as credible and relevant for readers and will keep you sitting pretty in the search engine ranks.

Using the services of a professional web copywriter will save you time and will ensure you’re creating content that achieves the balance between informative content and optimised copy.

Introducing our Web Copywriter

Our web content creation specialist, Monica, will find the right words, and put them in the right order, to help you strengthen your web presence through clear, clever and creative content. Monica is available to create regular content for your newsletter or blog, content for your new site, or for updates to your current web pages or online marketing material.

How we can help you add Quality Content to your site:

  • Website copy – keep your website fresh and engaging with updated web pages
  • Blogs – a well-maintained blog will not only capture Google’s attention but will also keep your visitors coming back to your site for helpful advice
  • Newsletters – keep your clients and contacts informed with industry news, product updates, tips and advice – and keep your business front of their minds
  • Other web copy requirements – perhaps you have a special offer or a new product or service you would like to highlight; we can help you create compelling copy that will get you noticed

Don’t be fooled by these so-called marketing companies questioning the performance of your website. Rest assured that, as an Internet Agency client, you have a website that is well-equipped with built-in SEO functionality, which easily allows you to enhance your search engine ranking. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’d like some more information on our SEO services and how we further develop your SEO strategy.

Web Design – faster internet is coming

Three chassis of a CSR system if these shelves...

Three chassis of a CSR system if these shelves would be interconnected it would use PAROLI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember the days of dial-up internet when it took 15 minutes just to get online and check your e-mail?

The internet has sped up considerably since then, but it’s set to become even faster.  A new company is looking to increase internet speed by two-times the speed currently available.

The system the company is creating is capable of downloads of 1 Petabit per second.

Trust us, that’s a lot.

Video Hosting and faster internet

A company named CISCO is launching new ‘core router’ technology known as CRS-X.  A core router is at the centre of the internet, receiving user’s requests to visit sites such as Facebook, Google and your business website and then sending the desired information back to the user.

To put the speed into perspective, the company says that a multi-layered rack of the new CRS-X router would be able to stream every movie ever made in one minute flat.  That’s fast. Continue reading

Web Design – most New Zealand small businesses are without a website

57 percent of New Zealanders use websites to search for businesses, products and services.

Web Design and Social Media17 percent of New Zealanders use websites exclusively to search for businesses, products and services.

So why are half of small to medium sized businesses in New Zealand without a website?

A recent survey has shown that a surprisingly large amount of small businesses in this country are not taking advantage of digital marketing.

Is that your business? Continue reading

Web Design – why you need the best Web Design

Web Design

It’s official, half of New Zealand is now shopping online.

A recent survey has been conducted by Statistics NZ on the online habits of New Zealanders and the overwhelming trend is more online use and more online spending.

It’s not a surprising statistic, but one that bears noting if you are a small business looking to increase your business.  The bottom line is that you need a website with excellent web design.  Web design that will work best for your business.

But firstly, what exactly did the survey tell us?

Continue reading

Killer Content and why you need it for your website

Content Marketing

Content is King.

It’s a phrase often used when talking about websites.  Simply put, the look of your website is very important but the quality of your website content is absolutely key.

In 2013, the ‘Content is king’ maxim is still true but the context is changing.  On-page optimization is no longer adequate.  To get your website ahead of your competitors, you have to invest time into Content Marketing.

How Google changed the Content Marketing game
In 2012, Google released ‘Penguin’, an algorithm designed to analyse the content of a website and rank its quality.  ‘Penguin’ is the most sophisticated algorithm Google has produced and ranks a site’s quality based on the logic of Google’s human quality-raters.

In other words, it’s able to read a website in a way not too dissimilar to a human being.

What this means is that previous SEO strategies that skirted ethical boundaries and were essentially shortcuts are being penalised by Penguin and website’s rankings are suffering.  Old SEO is out and Content Marketing is in.

What is Content Marketing?
Content marketing refers to marketing activities that are about creating and sharing content to engage consumers.

Content marketing includes blogging, podcasting, e-book writing and email marketing.  It’s not only the frequency of the content changing that’s important, but what content you are producing.  It needs to show expertise and knowledge and have a consistency of tone, style and form.

Some good examples of relevant and interesting content include basic ‘how-to’s’, ‘top 10s’ and progress reports on your business or aspects of your industry.  Whatever it is it must be valuable, useful and helpful and easy for the reader to consume.

Content Marketing is an art form and requires practice.  Internet Agency knows how to make your content worthy, interesting and relevant to your customers, so to find out more about how Content Marketing can help your website, talk to Internet Agency today.

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IT Security of the future

IT Security

Internet Agency is at the forefront of web development and web design.  Their expert team can design a website for your business that has a great look and in-built SEO functionality to ensure optimum performance.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at how computer security, a very important part of a small business.  We’ll be looking at how it  is changing and how these changes could mean the fazing out of the ubiquitous computer password. Continue reading

Web Hosting and Video Hosting in a Nuclear Bunker

Data Center Storage for Web Hosting and Video Hosting

When you opt for Web Hosting and Video Hosting with Internet Agency, you can be assured that you’re getting competitive rates, security and close to 100% up-time.

The servers for Web Hosting and Video Hosting that hold all the information from your website are located in a data centre in Albany, Auckland.  A specifically designed, secure and temperature controlled centre that guarantees the highest up-time possible.

While most data centres (like the one in Auckland) are purpose built, there are some that use found spaces.  And some of these found spaces are truly unique like the Pionen Data Centre for Web Hosting and Video Hosting, just south of Stockholm in Sweden.

This data centre for Web Hosting and Video Hosting is run by the Internet Service Provider Bahnhof  and is located in a former Nuclear Bunker.

The Web Hosting and Video Hosting service that will survive anything

The bunker had been decommissioned 20 years ago by Swedish Civil Defence and had been used since for the occasional art party, rave and wedding.  But the team at Bahnhof felt it could work as a data centre.  It was a large space, it had a power supply and came with almost unmatched security features: it’s located 25 metres underground, was protected by 30 centimetre thick, metal doors and was built to survive an atomic bomb.

The space didn’t come completely ready for Web Hosting and Video Hosting however, as much more room was needed for backup generators and server racks.  Two years was spent blasting out extra space and at one point a dynamite blast shot stone into a car parked outside.

Nobody was injured.

While Internet Agency’s data centre doesn’t quite match this one for originality, it’s a facility that will keep your website information safe and secure and guarantees 99.9% uptime.  Contact Internet Agency today about Web Hosting and Video Hosting for your website.

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Achieve your goals with help from the internet

Smartphone with app

Happy New Year from everyone at the Internet Agency, we wish you all the best for 2013.

This year we will continue to strive to bring you expert web design, web hosting and video hosting as well as advice on social media, e-commerce and more.

Being that it’s January, many of you will be making New Years resolutions.  And while in the past the success of a resolution was down to pure discipline, technology and the internet is now lending a hand.

That’s right, if you own a smartphone you can achieve your goals with a New Years Resolution app. Continue reading

Web Development in a world of different devices

Web Development for smaller devices

One of the keys to effective Web Development at present is the ability to create web pages that are compatible to many

different web browsers and many different technological devices.Desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices all have different sized screens and companies are now thinking of how to tailor their websites to each of these.

An excellent example of a company that is bearing this in mind is Google. Continue reading