An Apple store is almost worth more than the White House

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Hard to believe, but true.

It does seem a ridiculous comparison but when you look at the value of each building’s square footage, it’s almost a tie.

Apple has 3 million square feet of retail space around the world and their stores have brought in about US$14.1 billion in the past year.  That means that a square foot in an Apple shop is worth about US$4,709.

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Where Is Website Technology Headed In The Next Five Years?

The Internet Agency uses the latest website technology to design and develop their websites.  But where is this website technology headed?

Computer company IBM has looked into the future and identified five changes in internet technology that could occur in the next five years:

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Improving Website SEO & Usability

Search Engine OptimisationWhen enhancing your website’s performance, it’s important to look over your site’s search engine optimisation and also usability. This page will explain on how to achieve this in some of the most important aspects of website development.

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