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Is your website performing the way you want it to?

If not, the worst thing you can do is leave it the way it is – take action right now with a free website audit from Internet Agency.

A website audit from us provides a general outline for the areas where your website can be improved to provide better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and overall appeal.  Our web developers take into account 19 separate areas of your website in order to make their recommendations.

We look at the technical elements of your site; areas that aren’t visible to a customer using it but are vital in getting your website working to its optimum level.

We also look at its overall functionality: how your website looks, how your website functions and how visually appealing and easy it is to use.

Our audits are geared towards driving your SEO and making your site more user-friendly so you can better reach your target audience.

And once you’ve received the results of your audit, we’d love for you to become a client with Internet Agency so that we can implement our recommendations quickly and have your site working the way you want it to.

Free Website Audit

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