Internet Agency September Newsletter | Website Copywriter

Are the words on your website working hard enough?

Search engine optimisation has certainly been a hot topic for some time now, with many businesses concerned about how their website is performing in search engine rankings and the measures they can take to secure that sought-after top spot on the first page of Google search results.

Unfortunately, there are a few internet marketing businesses out there taking advantage of their clients’ concerns, charging top dollar for so-called ‘SEO services’ (you may have recently read about one such NZ-based directory company currently being investigated for fraud).

Search Engine Optimisation

The reality is, one of the best ways to climb your way to the number one position is through the inclusion of well-written, relevant and keyword-rich content on your site – better yet, it will not only strengthen your SEO efforts but will also help convert those visitors into customers through informative, authoritative and authentic content – Find out more about how our SEO services can help below.

Why Words Work

As part of our SEO development services at the Internet Agency, we offer website copy updates and content creation for blogs and newsletters. Regularly updated, unique content is super important for getting in Google’s radar. By picking up key words and phrases, Google will start to recognise your site as credible and relevant for readers and will keep you sitting pretty in the search engine ranks.

Using the services of a professional web copywriter will save you time and will ensure you’re creating content that achieves the balance between informative content and optimised copy.

Introducing our Web Copywriter

Our web content creation specialist, Monica, will find the right words, and put them in the right order, to help you strengthen your web presence through clear, clever and creative content. Monica is available to create regular content for your newsletter or blog, content for your new site, or for updates to your current web pages or online marketing material.

How we can help you add Quality Content to your site:

  • Website copy – keep your website fresh and engaging with updated web pages
  • Blogs – a well-maintained blog will not only capture Google’s attention but will also keep your visitors coming back to your site for helpful advice
  • Newsletters – keep your clients and contacts informed with industry news, product updates, tips and advice – and keep your business front of their minds
  • Other web copy requirements – perhaps you have a special offer or a new product or service you would like to highlight; we can help you create compelling copy that will get you noticed

Don’t be fooled by these so-called marketing companies questioning the performance of your website. Rest assured that, as an Internet Agency client, you have a website that is well-equipped with built-in SEO functionality, which easily allows you to enhance your search engine ranking. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’d like some more information on our SEO services and how we further develop your SEO strategy.