Killer Content and why you need it for your website

Content Marketing

Content is King.

It’s a phrase often used when talking about websites.  Simply put, the look of your website is very important but the quality of your website content is absolutely key.

In 2013, the ‘Content is king’ maxim is still true but the context is changing.  On-page optimization is no longer adequate.  To get your website ahead of your competitors, you have to invest time into Content Marketing.

How Google changed the Content Marketing game
In 2012, Google released ‘Penguin’, an algorithm designed to analyse the content of a website and rank its quality.  ‘Penguin’ is the most sophisticated algorithm Google has produced and ranks a site’s quality based on the logic of Google’s human quality-raters.

In other words, it’s able to read a website in a way not too dissimilar to a human being.

What this means is that previous SEO strategies that skirted ethical boundaries and were essentially shortcuts are being penalised by Penguin and website’s rankings are suffering.  Old SEO is out and Content Marketing is in.

What is Content Marketing?
Content marketing refers to marketing activities that are about creating and sharing content to engage consumers.

Content marketing includes blogging, podcasting, e-book writing and email marketing.  It’s not only the frequency of the content changing that’s important, but what content you are producing.  It needs to show expertise and knowledge and have a consistency of tone, style and form.

Some good examples of relevant and interesting content include basic ‘how-to’s’, ‘top 10s’ and progress reports on your business or aspects of your industry.  Whatever it is it must be valuable, useful and helpful and easy for the reader to consume.

Content Marketing is an art form and requires practice.  Internet Agency knows how to make your content worthy, interesting and relevant to your customers, so to find out more about how Content Marketing can help your website, talk to Internet Agency today.

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