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IT Security

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In this blog, we’ll be looking at how computer security, a very important part of a small business.  We’ll be looking at how it  is changing and how these changes could mean the fazing out of the ubiquitous computer password.


The eyes have it – future innovations in IT Security

User authentication is the most basic form of IT Security.  It requires you to prove your identity in order to gain access to the computer system and is usually based on something you know such as a password, or something biometric.  Biometrics refers to something you naturally have such as a unique voice or fingerprints.

But the latest advance in biometric IT Security could be the use of eye movement to prove your identity.

Our eye movements are unique to us.  According to scientists, everyone moves their eyes in particular sequences, and no one person’s sequences are the same.  A researcher at an American University has taken this idea to develop a programme that recognizes eye movement when someone looks at a computer screen and only allows access to particular individuals.

It’s said that a prototype is at least three years away, but if this does arrive it could revolutionise computer security in business.  Many companies adopt a Bring Your Own Device policy to technology which can cut down on costs and may even increase productivity but this policy comes with higher risks of security breaches.

Risks that could be minimized with IT Security advances such as these.

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