Web Design – why you need the best Web Design

Web Design

It’s official, half of New Zealand is now shopping online.

A recent survey has been conducted by Statistics NZ on the online habits of New Zealanders and the overwhelming trend is more online use and more online spending.

It’s not a surprising statistic, but one that bears noting if you are a small business looking to increase your business.  The bottom line is that you need a website with excellent web design.  Web design that will work best for your business.

But firstly, what exactly did the survey tell us?

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IT Security of the future

IT Security

Internet Agency is at the forefront of web development and web design.  Their expert team can design a website for your business that has a great look and in-built SEO functionality to ensure optimum performance.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at how computer security, a very important part of a small business.  We’ll be looking at how it  is changing and how these changes could mean the fazing out of the ubiquitous computer password. Continue reading