Search Engine Optimization

Web Development in a world of different devices

Web Development for smaller devices

One of the keys to effective Web Development at present is the ability to create web pages that are compatible to many

different web browsers and many different technological devices.Desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices all have different sized screens and companies are now thinking of how to tailor their websites to each of these.

An excellent example of a company that is bearing this in mind is Google. Continue reading

On-line advertising – recent developments

Web development and web design with Internet Agency gives you a complete on-line solution.  Internet Agency offers web development, web design, e-commerce, video hosting and web hosting as well as advice on social media, Search Engine Optimization and more.

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Internet Agency in Auckland, New Zealand can also give you advice on on-line advertising.

Demand for traditional mediums of advertising such as print, TV and radio is falling behind demand for on-line advertising.  Talk to Internet Agency about how you can get the best out of your on-line advertising spend.

Various companies have been trying to cash in on the boom in on-line advertising.  But recent developments in the market have dealt serious blows to two of the big players – Facebook and Microsoft – showing that dealing in on-line advertising is not necessarily a licence to print money.  Continue reading

Spending on website advertising goes up once again

"FOR SALE" - a classified ad in a ne...

“FOR SALE” – a classified ad in a newspaper. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Internet Agency continues to champion the value of having a quality on-line presence.

Having a well-designed website allows your business to reach out to more and more customers in varied and different ways.  Internet Agency provides website design and website hosting as well as comprehensive advice on all things web-related including Search Engine Optimization and social media.

The on-line world is growing exponentially year by year even in a soft economy.   And a recent report has highlighted the growing investment by companies in advertisting on-line.

For the first time, display advertising on-line has overtaken classifieds with an increased spend of $1.27 million on the previous quarter. Continue reading