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Three chassis of a CSR system if these shelves...

Three chassis of a CSR system if these shelves would be interconnected it would use PAROLI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember the days of dial-up internet when it took 15 minutes just to get online and check your e-mail?

The internet has sped up considerably since then, but it’s set to become even faster.  A new company is looking to increase internet speed by two-times the speed currently available.

The system the company is creating is capable of downloads of 1 Petabit per second.

Trust us, that’s a lot.

Video Hosting and faster internet

A company named CISCO is launching new ‘core router’ technology known as CRS-X.  A core router is at the centre of the internet, receiving user’s requests to visit sites such as Facebook, Google and your business website and then sending the desired information back to the user.

To put the speed into perspective, the company says that a multi-layered rack of the new CRS-X router would be able to stream every movie ever made in one minute flat.  That’s fast.And with the public’s insatiable appetites for internet video, it makes sense to use video on your website.  Internet Agency does video hosting and can advise you on how best to use video in your web design to help your Google ranking.

Web Design way into the future

CISCO says that the CRS-X will help people to prepare for ‘The Internet of Everything’, the idea that in the future things like household items, cars and even clothing will be connected to the internet.

How far into the future that will be is uncertain, but what is for sure is that having a presence on the internet is absolutely key for your business.  Talk to Internet Agency today about web design, web hosting, video hosting, e-commerce, social media and more.  The web designers at Internet Agency can make sure you have the best and most cost-effective presence possible.


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