Web Design – most New Zealand small businesses are without a website

57 percent of New Zealanders use websites to search for businesses, products and services.

Web Design and Social Media17 percent of New Zealanders use websites exclusively to search for businesses, products and services.

So why are half of small to medium sized businesses in New Zealand without a website?

A recent survey has shown that a surprisingly large amount of small businesses in this country are not taking advantage of digital marketing.

Is that your business?


Social Media – too many businesses aren’t using it

A recent survey conducted by Colmar Brunton asked 1008 business at the start of 2013 about their online presence.  The results showed that the majority were doing nothing to harness the power of digital marketing.

Half had no website, while 20 percent of respondents were not using any on-line tools at all.  This is a worrying statistic especially considering that small to medium sized business make up over 90 percent of business enterprises in New Zealand.

Another surprising statistic was that businesses in the major cities were lagging behind.  Only 40 percent of businesses in Auckland were on Facebook, compared with 65 percent in Southland.

Web Design from Internet Agency

Using web design and social media is absolutely imperative for your small to medium sized business in this day and age.  To succeed in the current environment, being up to date with on-line trends is extremely important.

Which is where Internet Agency can help.

Internet Agency provides expert web design services that can get your small to medium sized business on-line with an attractive, easy-to-use website with web design that is affordable.  Plus with our QuickSites, your website will be on-line quickly.

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We also offer expert advice on social media and digital marketing.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use on-line tools to promote your business.

Talk to Internet Agency today about website design, social media and more.

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