Web Hosting and Video Hosting in a Nuclear Bunker

Data Center Storage for Web Hosting and Video Hosting

When you opt for Web Hosting and Video Hosting with Internet Agency, you can be assured that you’re getting competitive rates, security and close to 100% up-time.

The servers for Web Hosting and Video Hosting that hold all the information from your website are located in a data centre in Albany, Auckland.  A specifically designed, secure and temperature controlled centre that guarantees the highest up-time possible.

While most data centres (like the one in Auckland) are purpose built, there are some that use found spaces.  And some of these found spaces are truly unique like the Pionen Data Centre for Web Hosting and Video Hosting, just south of Stockholm in Sweden.

This data centre for Web Hosting and Video Hosting is run by the Internet Service Provider Bahnhof  and is located in a former Nuclear Bunker.

The Web Hosting and Video Hosting service that will survive anything

The bunker had been decommissioned 20 years ago by Swedish Civil Defence and had been used since for the occasional art party, rave and wedding.  But the team at Bahnhof felt it could work as a data centre.  It was a large space, it had a power supply and came with almost unmatched security features: it’s located 25 metres underground, was protected by 30 centimetre thick, metal doors and was built to survive an atomic bomb.

The space didn’t come completely ready for Web Hosting and Video Hosting however, as much more room was needed for backup generators and server racks.  Two years was spent blasting out extra space and at one point a dynamite blast shot stone into a car parked outside.

Nobody was injured.

While Internet Agency’s data centre doesn’t quite match this one for originality, it’s a facility that will keep your website information safe and secure and guarantees 99.9% uptime.  Contact Internet Agency today about Web Hosting and Video Hosting for your website.

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