Search Engine Optimisation

One of the most important features your website requires is an ability to be found quickly and easily by those that specifically want to find it. Likewise, it is common knowledge that you also want your site easily found by those performing a related product or service search using Google, Yahoo, Bing or one of the many online directory services now available.

At Internet Agency we have a proven record of delivering excellent results in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for our clients. Our websites are constructed with essential SEO functionality built in as a standard feature. Every business will have its own unique requirements, so whilst the process is ongoing, it is critical to launch your site with a strong SEO functionality and be operating from a platform that enables ongoing SEO development.

At Internet Agency we develop the SEO strategy and monitor the results to ensure your site maintains this competitive edge. If you are looking to build a new site and would like information on how SEO can assist in your businesses success – contact us now.

We also offer a SEO service for existing websites. Often a client will be satisfied with the overall look and function of their website, but have concerns as to its SEO performance. With our free SEO audit, we can provide a report of how well (or not) your site performs. We then provide you with a proposal to enhance your sites search rankings and overall performance. Even a small improvement can make a dramatic difference. For a free SEO audit on your existing website – contact us now.

SEO Strategy Steps

Stage 1. Research Strategy & Planning

Internet Agency will carry out an audit on your business, and your competitors, to provide insight for the development of the SEO strategy.

We also establish key performance indicators – including your site’s link popularity, Google search page ranking, bounce rate and key traffic source indicators. This data will be used to measure and monitor the success of the project and for ongoing tracking. In new site builds, a link strategy is presented.

If the audit is for an existing site, we will examine it for any technology barriers to indexing or search engine rankings. In older sites this may involve consideration to the need for a complete site rebuild.

Site content is also an important part of the success of a websites SEO. Often subtle changes in wording, correct tagging of images or even the insertion of correctly worded headings can make a significant difference.

Upon completion of the audit, the development of strategy and the completion of the implementation plan – we move into project management.

Stage 2. SEO Implementation & Project Management

New website, or existing, a key element of a successful SEO project is the management of its implementation. Internet Agency provides full specifications of the changes required and will communicate these to you. We will also audit the implementation to ensure it meets the specifications. By way of regular reports you are kept informed of your websites progress.

With a new website build we normally propose to wait three months after the site goes live before performing the first SEO audit. After this time, key strengths and weaknesses in the sites organic ratings can be identified. Sometimes more detailed, business specific optimisation is required – or a new product or service launch requires a new, separate SEO plan.

Stage 3. Report, Review and Revise

In addition to Google Analytics, we use a range of SEO auditing tools to monitor your sites rankings in key search engines. This data is checked against the website marketing plan and from this comparison, recommended changes to your site or marketing are made. These changes are then tracked – and the cycle of review and revise continues.

Improving Website SEO & Usability

We have created an article outlining how you can improve your website, read more about Improving Website SEO.

Contact us now for a free SEO audit or initial review.